Do You Hear That Noise? Could It Be the Sound of Old Vehicle Technology Dying?

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Noise! Noise! Noise! Families near our home have noticed a massive increase in sound from vehicles roaring down the small highway near our home. Is this just people expressing their frustration because they must commute? Maybe, but the the moise is so intense that I’m beginning to suspect it is also from another source. I think drivers are expressing their resistance to electric vehicles. It may be one last gasp as the old technology is replaced.

We’ve grown accustomed to our gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks. For decades, it has simply been the way things are. Taking a survey of the current new vehicle landscape shows the change is coming fast.

Graphic from U.S. Department of Energy

The graph above shows vehicles that are totally electric, not hybrid. Another graph, from Bloomberg, shows sales projections for all EV types.


I’m looking forward to the gradual decrease in noise as frustrated employees commute on our local highway in their EVs. That raises another issue. Most EVs make no sound, at least as they are currently designed. But that’s something for another story.

By the way, I just read an excellent story on Tesla’s new battery innovation with Panasonic, by Will Lockett on Medium. It shows one of the reasons for the progress EVs are making.




Writer, inventor, maker. Member of startup. Applied physics, electronics, microbiology.

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Mark Senninger

Mark Senninger

Writer, inventor, maker. Member of startup. Applied physics, electronics, microbiology.

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