Happy Holidays! This Ship Is a Near Perfect Model for the Planet

There Is a Path to End COVID-19

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Look. This is so clear. We have been given a model of how to deal with COVID-19. The USS Milwaukee, LCS-5, is temporarily isolating in Cuba because some crew members tested positive for COVID-19. They are healthy and only a few show any symptoms, and they are mild. The crew is 100% vaccinated.

The ship is a model for the planet. If we were all vaccinated, deaths from COVID-19 would drop to very low numbers. People who caught the virus would usually have only mild symptoms, if any. And, perhaps most important right now, the virus would cease producing variants.

Of course, we are not all vaccinated and most of the crew of the Milwaukee are young and healthy. But they serve as an example of what we might do to put an end to this pandemic. The ship is its own little world, self-contained on the ocean. The Navy is doing what it can to keep the crew in excellent health and ready to defend our nation. How about we do the same in order to keep all of us in the best health possible?



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