What the Hell Is Apple News Reporting on COVID in Vermont?

The United States Sorely Needs One Source for Health Information

Screenshot from Apple News — March 10, 2022

Have you seen the map presented by Apple News for COVID-19 infections in Vermont today? It shows the entire state infection rate surging, maybe out of control. At least that’s how the map struck me. We are planning a trip to the area later this year. This made me reconsider.

Yet plenty has been published about the state’s exceptionally high vaccination rate. This makes no sense. Has Apple been coopted by Russian disinformation? Is someone purposely manipulating statistics? Are the editors at Apple News not as bright as we might think?

I don’t know. But there’s the snapshot at the top of this article and another, below. Why is Vermont appearing as a place to possibly avoid — a place that’s in more trouble with COVID than almost anywhere else in the country?

Looking at details of Vermont, I am amazed. Looks like statistics lying, or being helped to convey a very strange picture. Windham County, highlighted below, had 15 new cases. That’s not a big deal. This is a serious distortion in reporting.

Screenshot from Apple News — March 10, 2022

The vaccination rate in Vermont is 92.9% for the first shot and 80.4% for all three shots.

The driver for the misleading maps is the low population of Vermont. Of course the rate of infection per 100,000 population is high. The number of people in the state is very low. There are only 42,000 people in all of Windham County. Most cities have much larger population. The whole state of Vermont has only 623, 989 residents per the 2019 Census.

Shame on Apple for publishing such misleading information. And, shame on the United States Government for providing such garbage. No wonder there is confusion about COVID. Consider that the 15 people who tested positive are spaced over an entire county, and you realize that your liklihood of encountering them is extremely low. And, if they wear masks when in public they are highly unlikely to transmit the disease. Further, if they isolate for a while they are even less likely to transmit it.

This country sorely needs one scientific and honest source of information on disease and health. Health is a human right, not a political privilege.



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